VIR (The Whirl)

The whirl

Year of release: 2012.
Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy
Directed by: Bojan – Vuk Kosovčević
Written by: Bojan – Vuk Kosovčević
Cast: Nebojša Đorđević, Srđan Pantelić, Nenad Okanović, Emir Kusturica, Mirjana Karanović, Dragan Nikolić, Milorad Mandić Manda, Ivan Ivanović.

Direktor fotografije: Zoran Čulić
Montaža Nenad Pirnat



A movie about the first half of the nineties from the perspective of young people, about their efforts to find themselves while circumstances dragged them to the bottom.
The film consists of three stories and each follows a different character during the 48 hours, within which a sudden twists rock their lives.
“Roots of Hate” follows Bogdan the leader of a skinhead group. His anger and aggression, which he generously inherited from his father who constantly beat him and unduly punished him, it causes an eruption of hatred toward himself and the whole world, and it pulls him to the bottom.

“Twilight of the Idols” follows Kale, the last shooter survivor from a famous clan. His uncle who works for the state security protects him, until Kale once again crosses the line.

The story of “Whirl” follows Grof, a graffiti artists who after being recruited, ended up with the war trauma from which he still isn’t recovered. His whole life is devoted to drawing graffiti with a rather unique theme – the whirl. He is convinced that when he draws it properly, the shadows of the past will disappear.