KAD LJUBAV ZAKASNI (When love is late)


Year of release: 2014.
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Ivan Stefanović
Written by: Milena Depolo
Cast: Miloš Biković, Brankica Sebastijanović, Dušanka Stojanović Glid, Nikola Randjelović, Sunčica Milanović,

Director of Photography: Miloš Spasojević
Film Editing by Petar Putniković

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IMDB: Kad ljubav zakasni


A successful young lawyer Radmilo has been in love with a beautiful Belgrader Liljana for years. Despite he is the most eligible bachelor in his small town, he manages to resist all the temptations and marriage offers, determined to make Ljiljana his wife. On the other hand, Ljiljana dreams about marring Momčilo who at the crucial moment shows his true face and refuses to marry her. So out of pure spite, ljiljana agrees to marry Radmilo and together they go back to his small town, where they will get many curious and suspicious looks.

While Radmilo can’t wait for their first wedding night and can’t hide the love and passion he feels for his young wife, for her it’s a nightmare and the moment in which she will have to admit that she doesn’t love him and that she can’t be his wife. Radmilo is crushed, but he begs Ljiljana to stay with him for three months, presenting their marriage as a happy one, before he figures out a way to end the relationship without a scandal, so that no one gets hurt. Ljiljana agrees, because it’s the least she can after what she did to him.
As usual, during those three months, the two of them begin to develop feelings and encounter that began with turbulent quarrel and refusal is slowly developing into a great true love, whose biggest challenge is to resist the traps posed by the jealous unsatisfied people whose sole pleasure is to ruin other people’s happiness.